I have seen the mystic mountains fall,

I have seen trees so tall,

I have seen people so mean,

But not a view so serene!

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Suhaib Husain


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It was a quiet night. Everything was calm. The trees were enjoying the cool breeze, dancing and swaying with it. The leaves were rustling their usual tone of pleasure. The sky was clear. The stars decorated it like a sheet of velvet with glitters all over it. Even the insects in the woods were silent as if they were admiring the beauty of the night and writing songs about it.

Everyone was in their bed, fast asleep, but Sara was waiting for Tim. Tim usually comes around this time, but he was a little late today. Sara was also feeling sleepy but she can wait the whole night for her brother. She was looking out of the window making out the constellations in the sky. Tim has told her about some, like the big spoon and the warrior. She could easily make out the both of these.

She was lost in her thoughts just then she saw someone coming. It was Tim. He was wearing a white shirt with a pair of short and a hat that father had given him on his birthday. He was carrying a stick with him which he used to sway away the grass as he moved. Sara was so happy to see him, but she made sure not to make any noise and to wake anyone. Tim came near the window, Sara asked her to come in. But instead Time asked her to come out, they were going somewhere. At first Sara hesitated but she could not say no to her elder brother. So she jumped out of the window without making noise. And then they both set off for the woods.

Sara had a lot of things for Tim. She was continuously speaking telling her about all the things that happened in her school. She told her about how Miss Melisa appreciated her drawing, a family picture that she had drawn. She also told her about the bunch of boys that were teasing her for that drawing and when she said that she would call her brother Tim and he would come and beat you all then they all started laughing. She asked Tim to please come to her class someday and teach those boys a lesson. She was also angry at Tim for why he does not comes to school anymore and also he is away from the house. Tim was quite and was listening to her sister. He was just smiling at her questions and requests.

Sara was tired now. She asked Tim for how long they have to walk. Tim just indicated to a cabin built in the woods. They ran towards the cabin. It was built out of wood and was full of husk. They both went inside. Sara asked Tim what has he got for her. Tim gave her something from the shelf. It was a doll, the same doll that Sara had when she was 4 and had burnt down in the fireplace. Sara loved that doll very much and she was so happy to get it back again. Then sara again started talking about how everything has changed at home. She was feeling sleepy now. She was telling Tim how everyone has changed and she does not like to be with anybody. “You know what is the worst thing about everyone “, she said while weeping in Tim’s arms. “They all say you are dead.”

The sun was shining bright. The rays scattered inside the cabin. Sara woke up hearing some voices nearby. Tim was not there and the doll was also missing. Soon the voices came very close. Her parents entered inside the cabin, crying and looking for her. They saw Sara and came running towards her. They began asking her questions. Her mother asked, “who brought you here Sara, how come you were not in your bedroom.” Sara replied in a low voice, “Tim”. At this her mother started crying. Her father then told her, “Look Sara your brother is dead, Tim is dead, he died in a car accident a week ago.”

Sara started crying, her parents took her home. May be Tim was dead, but Sara’s feelings for her brother were eternal. People may come and go, but emotions don’t fade away easily.

Opinion Scarcity

Recently I have been thinking about this a lot and tried to write on this many times, but I could not convince myself enough to directly strike on such a topic which is so fragile like most of the people’s ego these days.

I once wrote an article on how people are opinionated these days and how they are implementing their thought process on other people and the after effects of this problem. But this problem sidelines a very under rated problem that is somewhere or the other related to this only.

We are neglecting the problem of people being devoid of opinions. There may me multiple reasons because of which this problem may arise. Like first one can be, not giving a damn, the best escape that people find these days. Second can be lack of interest in a particular aspect. Third, highly influence by the type of people having problem 1 (ie highly opinionated people). And fourth can be that they don’t have enough guts to accept things, to step up for them, to say what they actually feel like.

Believe me the fourth reason is the worst, and you better get yourself through that if you are anywhere near.

Now the question arises why are we even discussing this. Well the answer is, because we need to. Because we all need to speak up. We all need to have toungue in our mouths, atleast for the things that matters. Atleast for the things that we feel are right. Or less we belong to the same crowd out there making no difference.

And believe me, no one wants to be on this page. Specially when you sleep back every night answering yourself for the things you did. Keep your eyes and ears open, because everyone is full of opinions, and this world is for sure a weird place. Have your say, stand up for what you feel is right. Have a tongue then make use of it. Don’t be dependent on others for that. Specially when others suck at this job. Live up a life you feel worth living. This is a real short journey you don’t get much chances.

All the best.


She was all tired, sweat was running down her temple and reaching the ground drop by drop. Nothing had ever seemed so hard in life. She questioned herself, about what weighed more the burden of life or the obstacle she was now facing.

All those hard times, all those miseries added more to the fuel, fuel that helped in burning the desire. Desire to achieve something.

She remembered the time she took up this task. The questions that people raised, the failure they all feared. But she never feared failure, not then, not now. Moreover loosing was not an option after coming this close to accomplishment.

Well it was time to go for it. She made her mind and closed her eyes, thinking about all the positive things ever happened. This was the moment to prove things. The moment to make a statement. The moment to steal the show. This moment was made for her.

She went to lift away that burden. She was about to set herself free. And so did SANJITA CHANU lifted a total of record breaking 192Kg to win a gold medal for India at CWG 2018 in 53 Kg weight category. It was her second consecutive gold in commonwealth games, first one being at CWG 2014 in 48 Kg category.

It was a victory for all the women across the globe. And was indeed a proud moment for India 🇮🇳 for a daughter had brought glory to the nation.


An urdu poem this time, the English translation is given after the poem.


Ye duniya takhayyul hai us shakhs ki,

Jise sach pasand nahi aata.

Badalna chahta h wo magaar,

koi zariya usko nazar nahi aata.

Bigde hue hai halat aise,

Hakikat kya h samjh nahi aata

Gar zulm ho raha ho ankho ke saamne,

kehna usko galt nahi aata.


This world is an imagination of the person who doesn’t like the truth,

He wants to bring the change but he is unable to do anything.

The circumstances are such that he doesn’t understands what the reality is.

Even if he is witnessing crime, then also he has no guts to admit it.